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Corporate name: REPROFIV S.L

Corporate address: C/ Tablas Daimiel, 8, 28924 Alcorcón (Madrid)

Fiscal Registration: B86226313

Telephone Number: (+34) 91 226 04 01


DPO. Ms. Belén Campos Manzanares, member of ICAM: 85305

Web Domain:

REPROFIV S.L is under the register of Centers, Establishments and Sanitary Services of Comunidad de Madrid, number CS10615

Medical Director: Dr. Elena Martín Hidalgo, member of the Illustrious Medical Association in Madrid, number 454504563


REPROFIV S.L, henceforth REPROFIV, responsible of this domain, put at users’ disposition the present document, to accomplish the obligations provided for law 34/2002, from Services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce, as well as informs any user from the web site regarding which ones are the conditions of the web site.
Every person accessing this web site assumes their role as user, are compromised to observe and strict enforce of the dispositions displayed here, as well as any other legal disposition to be applied.
REPROFIV, reserves the right to modify any kind of information that appears in the web site, without obligation of advice in advance or briefing the users those obligations, being enough the fact of publishing them at the web site


REPROFIV is exempted of any kind of responsibility regarding the information published on its web site, as long as this information has been manipulated or added by a third party external from the organization.
The web site uses cookies (small text files that the server sends to the computer where the web page is acceded) to carry out specific tasks, considered essential for the correct functioning and display of the web site.
REPROFIV is not responsible of the information or saved contents, in chats, blogs, comments, social media or any other media that allows third parties to publish contents on the independently from the web site REPROFIV.
Anyway, and according to what is disposed on on the article 11 and 16 of from Services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce, REPROFIV is available of any user, authority and security forces, collaborating actively in disposing, or blocking if proceed, any contents that could affect or defy the national or international legislation, rights from third parties or the morale or public order. In case that any user considers that there is any content suitable to be considered in this classification, they are kindly requested to notify immediately to the web site administrator.
This web site has been reviewed and tested to be working correctly. In principle, the correct functioning 365 days a year 24 hours service can be guaranteed. However, REPROFIV does not discard the possibility of having certain programming errors, or for major forces, natural catastrophes, strikes, or circumstances like that making impossible the access to the web page.


Unless there is any other information at the Particular Conditions on certain sections, the use of this web site will be free of charge, except the cost of the internet connection with the contracted access provider.
The use of the contents and the access to the web page will be responsibility solely from the user. The same way, the user compromises not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, the interests or the rights of REPROFIV or that doesn´t allow the normal use of this web site.
Therefore REPROFIV does not respond from any claim for damages these elements might produce to users or third parties.
The information that appears in this web page is about medicine and including services, news, events, newsletter, press, etc. is always guiding, and given like generic information, and it will be as complete as possible but it will not be considered a diagnosis or personalized appointment.


The user, and in general any natural or legal person wanting to stablish a hyperlink or technical device link from their site to this Web Site, need to be authorized previously from
Anyway, REPROFIV reserves the right to forbid or render at any moment any hyperlink to this website.
REPROFIV puts at User disposition links to gives them access websites or internet portals that belongs or are administered by third parties. It doesn´t mean that REPROFIV has any kind of relation between REPROFIV and the owner of those websites.
REPROFIV does not supervise or control the contents and services of the linked sites or which link to this webpage so they will not be responsible from them or the damages they could incur because of being illegal, out of date, mistaken in their contents and/or services linked with.


REPROFIV is deeply compromised in accomplishing the Personal Data Protection Law, and we guarantee the complete fulfillment of the obligations shown on it. Your data will be treated as it is disposed on the current law regarding protection of personal data, the European Union Law 2016/679 from 27th April 2016 (GDRP) regarding the protection of physical persons according the treatment of personal data and free circulation of the and the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 from 13th December (LOPD) regarding the protection of personal data.
REPROFIV put at users disposition the Company Privacy Policy informing all users about the following aspects:
– Information about the responsible company
– Information kept
– Folder where the information is processed
– Purpose of the data
– Whether or not is mandatory giving the data, and the consequences of not giving them
– About the rights of every use and the process to execute them
The user has the option of accepting or refusing the legal conditions where they are giving their data. The acceptance will be assumed as consent and express authorization to the data process for the purposes specified in the concrete clause for each form (manage the user registration, manage the orders, sending news, etc.) The folder where the data will be included is owned by REPROFIV. Those people who facilitated their personal data could direct in writing to the responsible of the folder, so they can exercise their right to access, amend, cancel or object from their data, keeping in mind that the exercise of these rights is personal, so it will be necessary that the affected person accredits their identity.


REPROFIV is the owner of this website, including but not exclusive to its programming, editing, compilation and any other necessary element for its normal work, the design, logo, text and/or graphs, or it has got specific authorization from the authors.
All the contents from this website are correctly protected with the intellectual and industrial property regulation, and they are registered in the related public records.
Independently of the use it will be intended, the partial or total reproduction use, exploit, distribution and commercialization will require always the previous and specific written authorization from REPROFIV.
Any non-authorized use from the user will be considered a serious breach against the intellectual or industrial property of the author.
The designs, logos, text and/or graphs external from the site and are property of their own authors, being themselves responsible of any possible controversy regarding them. Anyway, REPROFIV counts on the previous and specific authorization from the authors.
REPROFIV recognizes to the owners the correspondent intellectual and industrial right, not implying their sole mention or to be shown in the website the existence of rights from REPROFIV regarding them, or support, sponsorship or recommendation from the site.
You can make any kind of observation regarding any possible breach of the intellectual or industrial rights, as well as any comments from the website writing to:


For the resolution of any dispute or question related to the current website or the developed activities in it, the Spanish Law will be applied, at which the parties surrender explicity, being competent for the resolution of any conflict resulting or related with its use the courts and tribunals in the city of Madrid.