Clinicas de inseminacion artificial en Madrid

If you have decided to opt for artificial insemination in Madrid, the next step is to bet on a clinic where you can be attended with the necessary dedication to achieve the highest chances of success, without ignoring your welfare. In Reprofiv we combine a highly specialized and qualified medical team with a close, trusting treatment, seeking to understand the circumstances of each patient and making them feel our support.

It is important to bear in mind that the chances of success in Artificial Insemination depend on several factors, among which are the permeability of the fallopian tubes and the quality of the semen. If we detect problems that call into question the viability of the treatment, it is possible to resort the use of semen from a donor or to trust our also outstanding In Vitro Fertilization service in Madrid. We will take care of advising you always taking into account your physical and psychological conditions.

In vitro fertilization clinics in Madrid with the best resources for your treatment

When you visit our facilities, you will see from the beginning the comprehensiveness with which we approach each phase of your assisted reproduction process, something made possible by the remarkable training and experience of our staff. We apply the most recommended techniques for determining the fertility status of patients, but we are also aware of other risk factors. That is the reason we have procedures as preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Madrid, which allows us to identify embryos with genetic anomalies. We always advise in detail in consequence of what we observe.

We have one of the most recommended IVF programs in Madrid, as part of our commitment to a quality service around the different techniques of assisted reproduction and the study of fertility. Come and meet us; you will feel the security, sincerity and closeness that our team always transmits.

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