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Receiving a diagnosis of sterility in Madrid is a fundamental part of any process that leads to assisted reproduction. In our clinic, studying the reproductive capacity from a couple interested in having children, we can estimate the chances of success and determine the most appropriate fertilization techniques to achieve the desired results, as well as the need or not of a donor of semen .

At Reprofiv we put at your service a highly qualified medical team, among whom you will find specialists in every part of our activity. For example, we have an urologist expert in infertility. Whether you are studying together with your partner the options to have a child or if you come alone to know your fertility levels, here we will perform a semen study in Madrid with the indicated accurancy and we will assist you in a close manner. We put effort in knowing the state of mind and the psychological well-being of our patients at each step of the processes we perform.


Our treatments in regards to reproductive capacity in men are completed with a Vasectomy Service in Madrid. If you want to achieve sterilization, here is a place of trust where we can perform this simple intervention. Precisely, thanks to the efficiency that we have in the semen studies we do, we will certify the total absence of sperm in your ejaculate after a prudential time. This control is included in the price of our service.

The study of fertility is one of the fields in which we have made sure to offer great assurance to the patient in order to achieve an integral service of reproduction. Trust us: we will provide both personalized and sympathetic treatment and the expert attention required to obtain the desired results.

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