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Though Reproduction Assisted Techniques allows us to solve many sterility problems, there are still people for who maternity is only possible when someone decides to offer their help though egg donation.

If you are over 18 years old and are physical and mentally healthy, and overall if you want to help other people to be mothers and fathers, you can become an oocyte donor.

Call us or ask for an appointment at Reprofiv and we will explain you in detail what the donation process is and how important for other people can be your decision.

Donation process

Ask for an appointment:

Request a first visit where you will receive all the necessary information and we will respond any question you may have, so you can decide if you want to become an egg donor and continue with the process


It consists in a Gynecological review, an ultrasound scan, biometrical study (height and weight) blood test (blood count, biochemistry, serology and genetic studies) and a psychological test. We will tell you the results in a few days, and if they are favorable you will
be able to donate oocytes.


It will take about 12 days, during which we will make two or three ultrasound scans to monitor the follicular growth and decide the day of the ovary puncture.

Ovary puncture:

Is performed under sedation, so you will not feel any pain and you can go home after two hours.

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