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Donar ovulos Madrid

Have you thought about the possibility of donating ovules in Madrid? At Reprofiv we are actively supporting the promotion of this practice, which is helping more and more women to fulfill their wish to become mothers. If you were considering the idea of ​​becoming a donor, our clinic offers you the possibility of doing so with a deal of trust and the firmest guarantees of good practices. We are a center dedicated to assisted reproduction in which every day, thanks to our professional qualification and advanced facilities, we find solutions so that women and couples who visit us can conceive.

To become an egg donor in Madrid, you have to follow a process that we will always give you in detail in advance. After informing you carefully and answering your questions, the steps to follow will be a complete review, a 12-day treatment and ovarian puncture to extract the ovules. At all times we will strive to find you in the best conditions of safety and you can enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to make possible the maternity of other people. Do not forget to send us any questions in this regard. It should be noted that this is a service that is also available in our clinic in Toledo.

Donating ovules in Madrid in a specialized clinic

Our commitment to egg donation in Madrid allows us to offer viable alternatives to many women who otherwise could not conceive a child. We open the doors to you to contribute decisively to this goal. We are one of the in vitro fertilization clinics in Madrid in which more people can reach a viable pregnancy.

In addition, we provide special guarantees to our patients thanks to the incorporation of techniques such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which allows us to rule out genetic anomalies in the embryo prior its transfer.

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