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Reprofiv is the clinic that gathers the necessary resources to provide the best conditions for IVF in Toledo. If you think that in vitro fertilization can be the solution to achieve a viable pregnancy, put yourself in the hands of our team. We are specialists with a wide qualification in relation to assisted reproduction and we have equipped ourselves with the necessary equipment to put at your disposal the best options in each section to take into account. Based on a thorough diagnosis, we can start the process of IVF from hormonal stimulation and egg extraction, although there is also the possibility of using donated eggs when necessary.

In vitro fertilization in Toledo is one of the main techniques that we develop in our facilities in the Tres Culturas Hospital, although in Reprofiv we always offer the possibility of artificial insemination for those cases in which this technique with simpler characteristics is a viable option. In this way, you can count on us as a trusted medical team to study the different options of assisted reproduction that can give you a successful pregnancy.

Clinic specialized in IVF in Toledo

We have a prominent presence in the field of reproduction clinics in Toledo because we strive to incorporate the services and benefits that have an impact on a higher pregnancy rate and better safety conditions. For example, we are prepared to carry out, through a unit of our own, the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis that allows discarding chromosomopathies and genopathies.

Do not forget that, if you are interested in going to in vitro fertilization clinics in Madrid, the advantages and guarantees that we transfer from Reprofiv are also available in our facilities in Alcorcón. We have a team that not only meets the qualification to carry out the most advanced techniques of assisted reproduction, but also provides the essential value of a quality human treatment.

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