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Our clinic is always open for women who wish to be a single mother in Madrid. At the Reprofiv center, we do everything we can not only to achieve medical goals, but also to provide our patients with the best personal care. According to your circumstances and needs, we can carry out artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, in both cases with equal competency by our professionals.

If you do not have a donor of your choice, we have at your disposal a bank of donations of semen and also of ovules, in case it is necessary. If you have detected that you suffer from reproductive problems, we will take care of finding the optimal solution to avoid them and help you to fulfill your will.

We are among the most outstanding centers for assisted reproduction in Madrid thanks to the level of our medical team and also for the quality of our facilities, in which we have been ensured to include the optimal technical devices to provide the best treatments, without ignoring the comfort and tranquility of our patients.


We offer the greatest advantages and facilities possible to those who want to be a single mother in Madrid. With our assistance, you can enjoy maximum confidence and security during your pregnancy. We have tools to help guarantee the correct progress of the process. For example, in cases of In Vitro Fertilization, we have our own unit of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Madrid.

This allows us to identify anomalies in the embryos and select those that present better conditions for an appropriate development. We also offer, during pregnancy, 3D and 4D ultrasound with the most advanced equipment, including a DVD to see the fetus in motion.

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