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Ovodonacion Madrid

From our commitment to facilitate the possibility of developing a baby as many patients as possible, from Reprofiv we embrace options such as egg donation in Madrid, which make a difference for more women every day.

When an infertility situation nullifies any option of assisted reproduction with their own ovules, or when genetic risks discourage it, using the ovules provided by a fertile, healthy and compatible donor for an in vitro fertilization is an option that can become the solution for a woman who wants to have a pregnancy and give birth to her own child.

Get a feasible in vitro fertilization from oocyte donation in Madrid

The number of people who use donated ovules in Madrid to conceive does not stop growing. It is a totally legal procedure and does not involve major complications for the patient concerned, which should only undergo prior preparation of the endometrium. In Reprofiv we carry out the extraction of donor eggs ourselves, so that we can offer the best coverage and guarantees in this regard to our patients.

People interested in donating ovules in Madrid and thus helping other women to become mothers can request an appointment in our clinic, where they will undergo an intensive review and a specific treatment to maximize the safety and the chances of success in a future fertilization.

Our firm commitment to this method of increasing demand is one of the aspects that make us one of the most prominent reproduction clinics in Madrid. The qualified work of our medical team and the incorporation of the most advanced technology make it possible. We develop a work philosophy in which these elements serve as the basis for a comprehensive assisted reproduction service that offers the best possible alternatives to each person.

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