QUALITY POLICY 2018-08-21T11:59:45+00:00

Reprofiv is an Assisted Reproduction Center that offers an integral and high-quality service in assisted human reproduction, through studies of sterility, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donation and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. We have the commitment to search for excellence and continuous improvement.

The main objective of Reprofiv is to offer patients professional, close, sincere and quality treatment, so that they can approach their reproductive project with confidence, knowing that their illusions are also ours and that we will work together to make them real.

From these premises, the Direction of Reprofiv commits to:

  • Incorporate quality as a basic element of the management model, providing the necessary tools and resources.
  • Meet the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders through personalized and highly specialized attention. To do this, they will monitor and review their information and their pertinent requirements.
  • Promote the maintenance of the highest quality care through the application of quality criteria throughout all processes of assisted reproduction.
  • Promote adequate professional performance through the training and motivation of the team, stimulating the sense of responsibility.
  • Disseminate this quality policy to all Center staff and make it available to relevant stakeholders.
  • Review this policy periodically, adapting it to the needs of the parties of interest and those of the clinic.
  • Comply with the legal, regulatory and system requirements.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of our management system.