Reproduccion asistida Toledo

Reprofiv is one of the assisted reproduction clinics that offers the best guarantees to their patients in Toledo. We are a company formed several years ago that takes very seriously the wishes of our customers, always trying to make sure that their long-awaited dream is fulfilled. Our greatest satisfaction is to help them make the pregnancy an option, always taking care of everything so that they only have to put effort in being calm and relaxed, knowing that everything is going well in our hands.

It is a fact that we are one of the reproduction clinics in Toledo with best results in their patients. We apply the techniques that best fit for you, both with your way of life and with your genetics. We have a great technological equipment, always the latest in terms of innovation, since in this branch of medicine much of the progress is made thanks to research.


Our main goal is to make you happy and we usually get it, since we have a large multidisciplinary medical team specialized in the treatment of sterility in Toledo and Madrid, which are the two locations where our Reprofiv clinics are located.

In order to enhance the alternatives, we can offer our patients to overcome their fertility problems an ovodonation department in Toledo, accredited by the Ministry of Health, as well as an embryology laboratory accredited by the Spanish Association for the Study of the Biology of Reproduction (ASEBIR) and by the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE).

If you are interested in requesting more information and you want a specialist to study your case and advise which method may be the most beneficial for you, just call us and we will give you an appointment as soon as possible. We will offer you from the first moment a close, meticulous and professional attention.

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