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Seminograma Toledo

In Reprofiv we evaluate the couple, both women and men, since we must determine where the problem comes from to apply the most effective treatment. We usually perform a semen study in Toledo, in our clinic, to all men so we can evaluate the quality of the semen. In this analysis, macroscopic parameters such as seminal volume and pH and also microscopic parameters such as morphology, mobility and sperm concentration are studied.

We also do a thorough review of the woman, to see if there may be possible alterations. Initially, we try to locate the problem for which a pregnancy could not be achieved, to develop the protocol of action and start with artificial insemination in Toledo or with the assisted reproduction method that best adapts to the couple.

In Reprofiv we have a great team of doctors specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, in urology, in embryology, etc. You can feel you are in good hands, as we are leaders in terms of having the latest effective technology in assisted reproduction.


We always carry out a semen study in Toledo and in Madrid to all our patients, so we know very important data that will help us to diagnose the problem for the couple. In sterility problems, 20% of cases the cause has a masculine origin. In 30% or 40% of cases there is a mixed cause.

On the other hand, we have a specialist doctor in urology, who also performs the vasectomy operation in Toledo for those who, on the contrary, no longer want to have more children. In this way, you can count on Reprofiv to have specialized medical assistance in all aspects related to reproductive health. Call us without any compromise and we will advise you with total confidence.

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