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    Project Description

    ROPA or shared maternity method

    In our country, homosexual marriage is allowed since 2005, making a legislative amendment that allowed the marriages of two women to be recognized both of them as progenitors of their child, born through Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART)

    In this case, when motherhood is considered, one of the options available is shared motherhood, also known as ROPA method (reception of the couple’s ovules).

    It basically consists of an in vitro fertilization treatment in which one of the women brings the eggs and after fertilization with bank semen, the embryos obtained are transferred to the uterus of the other woman.

    Both women participate actively in motherhood: one will be a biological mother, providing the ovules and maintaining the genetic link and the other will be a pregnant mother and will give birth.

    Generally the couple has already made the decision of what role each of the women will have, but it is important to carry out a previous study to both of them in order to optimize the results, increasing the chances of success of the technique. If there is a difference in age between them, it is almost always recommended that the younger woman provides the ovules since fertility decreases progressively with age, although other factors that cause sterility or may contraindicate pregnancy must be considered.

    The process is simple and the cycle is synchronized in both women by hormonal treatments and ultrasound controls. The biological mother undergoes a process of ovarian stimulation that takes approximately 10-12 days and then an ovarian puncture is performed to obtain the ovules under anesthetic sedation, so that she does not feel any discomfort. The hormone treatment of the recipient mother is simple and consists in the preparation her uterus where the embryos that have been generated in the IVF laboratory will be transferred by semen from the bank.

    The number of homosexual women who decide to have a child within the couple is growing and this technique is spreading because it allows both to actively participate in the reproductive process and because, if a previous study and adequate treatment is carried out, the results are excellent.


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